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Transform your space and children’s lives with this rug.

  • Buy a rug, lift a child out of poverty.
  • This rug changes children’s lives
  • Every rug sold helps educate a child in India.
  • 98% of those helped end up going to university
  • Together, we can help break the cycle of poverty
  • Buy ethically made and child labour free.

Total Grip Anti-Slip Underlay for Wooden/Hard Floors

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"This rug is utterly divine. So soft underfoot and I love supporting the cause."

Jane, Melbourne


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Add a non-slip underlay: the easiest way to extend the life of your rug!

Provides a firm base to your rug and keeps it from slipping, buckling, and creasing.


  • Makes vacuuming easier by holding rug in place
  • Will not discolour or damage your floor underneath
  • Great for high traffic areas
  • Extends life of rug by preventing buckling
  • Made of rubber mesh
  • Can be cut with scissors to any size or shape
  • Perfect for wooden and hard floors such as polished concrete and tiles.
  • Need an underlay for a carpeted space? Check out our Carpet Floor Underlay instead

How to use:

  • Simply unfold the pad and peel.
  • Both sides of Total Grip rubber non-slip underlay are identical.
  • Lay out pad in desired area and open your rug or mat on top.

Why thousands of customers love these rugs

A timeless piece to keep and pass on

Our rugs aren’t just a stylish addition to your home, they’re an investment.

Easy to move

Unlike carpet, rugs are easy to take with you if you ever move. Perfect for home owners and renters.

Quality and durability you can count on

Hand-loomed rugs are more durable and often have a tighter weave with higher density.

Buy a rug, lift a child out of poverty.

When you buy one of our rugs, you’re breaking the cycle of poverty by helping the Shanti Bhavan project educate young children. 98% of those helped end up going university. The change goes straight from your floor, to their future.


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