Choosing the right sized rug can be a bit tricky, so we have created this rug placement guide to help you out. 

Design tip: measure your room and your furniture, as your furniture size is just as important as the room size. Map out your rug dimensions on your floor with painter’s tape and a measuring tape. Place your furniture on the rug so that you can see what dimensions will work best in your space and with your furniture.


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Living Room

If you have a spacious room, aim to buy a rug large enough to fit all pieces of living room furniture on it. You don’t want the furniture to feel cramped, so make sure there is sufficient space between the furniture items. In a large room or open plan space, a rug can be used to frame a space for the living area creating an inviting and intimate area. The outside border of the rug would be ideally 20cm around all the furniture. 

In a smaller living room you will want a rug that is large enough for at least the front legs of all furniture to sit on the rug. This applies to round rugs in both a larger and smaller living rooms. 

A rug that is too small for your space and your furniture size can make your room look smaller, slightly cramped and busy. Your feet should always be placed on the rug when you are seated.


Dining Room

Ensure that your dining table and chairs can fully rest on the rug, even when the chairs are fully pulled out. The dining table set should have an even border surrounding it, approximately 50-70cm.

Avoid a rug that is too small for the dining table set as this can become a tripping hazard when the chairs get caught on the edges of the rug.

Choose a rug shape that corresponds with the shape of your dining table. A round rug with a round dining table adds beautiful curves that soften a space. The same rug size rules apply to the round table as they do the rectangle or square tables. 




For a spacious room, a rug large enough for the bed and bedside tables to rest on provides the most luxurious feel to a room. The furniture should be framed by approximately 60-80cm of rug.

In a smaller bedroom, it is best to sit the lower two thirds of the bed on top of the rug so that there is an even floor space between the edge of the rug and the bedside tables. This provides a luxurious resting place for your feet when you get in and out of bed.

Alternatively, you can place a runner/smaller rug either side of the bed so that your feet have a comfortable resting place and the room has symmetry. Or if your bed is in the corner, one runner/smaller rug on the side will work.

A round rug placed off-center can add character, curves and charm to your room.