Rugs for Good is a social enterprise whose goal is to help break the cycle of poverty through educating the children of India.


Our philosophy

At Rugs For Good we believe in a fair and equitable society whereby everyone should have access to the same opportunities. We believe that big and small businesses CAN help create a better world for all. That’s why we have created a business that does just this. 

As all of our hand woven rugs are made in India, we thought why not make India our focus. We thought, who are the most vulnerable in India and where can we affect the most change? After loads of research and contact with various not-for-profit organisations, we decided that supporting children with their education would be where 100% of our profits will go.

How do we intend to do this?

We have chosen to support the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project. A registered Not-for-Profit organisation who empower children from India’s lowest socio-economic class to break the cycle of generational poverty through education, leadership and compassion. 100% of our profits will go towards supporting Shanti Bhavan to continue the life changing work that they do and to help them raise enough funds to build a second school. Learn more about what the Shanti Bhavan Children’s Project does here: 


Our Founders Story

Our founder Jess is a social worker who wanted to continue creating positive change in the world while on maternity leave. Setting up Rugs For Good was the best way to do this, with a love for a good rug and a compassionate heart, she wanted to interweave her passion for helping others and creating beautiful living spaces. She believes rugs can change the feel of a whole room and why not change lives at the same time? What better feeling is there? After watching the Netflix documentary “Daughters of Destiny” she was overwhelmingly inspired and started learning more about how she could help some of the most disadvantaged children of India. This is how Rugs For Good was born. 


  • Child Labour Free
  • 100% profit donated to supporting education
  • Sponsor of GoodWeave International