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A sweet country life with Taylar-Jane | @wife.on.the.prairie

If the idea of embracing a slower pace of life in the countryside has ever crossed your mind, or if you’re curious about the charms of wholesome country living, you’re in the right place. We recently had the pleasure of spending the morning with Taylar-Jane at her cosy country home in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, Australia, as she welcomed her new Rugs for Good rug into her home.

Join us as we chat with Taylar-Jane about slow living, country lifestyle, crochet, and family life.


Taylar-Jane's rug pick: Sahara Abel Reversible rug in Natural & cream



What do you love most about living a country lifestyle?

My favourite thing about living a country lifestyle is the slowness that comes with being on the land. Because we are surrounded by the beauty of nature all the time you don’t feel like you need to leave home to find fulfilment, in fact I mostly prefer to stay at home! The land is so inspiring too.

How long have you been living in the countryside and what inspired this lifestyle choice? 

We were living in suburbia but my husband and I always talked about living in the country and raising our children close to the land. We wanted animals, more of a connection to our food and to just be more in nature. My husband had health issues last year, so once he was better we decided to finally move to the country so our family could heal and live a much more slower lifestyle. 



As a mum of three, life can be busy. What’s your favourite thing to do for your 'you' time?

Definitely crochet is my favourite thing to do in my 'me time' or creating with my hands in general. I just love being creative as it’s my solace for me, so yes crochet is my favourite but I love embroidery, baking, sewing and spinning too!


What is your advice for someone looking to bring more slowness into their life? 

My advice to bringing more slowness into one’s life would definitely be to spend time in nature as much as possible. I find when you spend more time outdoors it naturally inspires you to slow down. Also spending more time at home even as well, rather than leaving the house to find fulfilment and entertainment try finding things you can do at home that bring you joy, like crochet! Crocheting in nature is the best.

How many chickens do you have and what do you love about your chickens?

I have 28 chickens and I absolutely adore every one of them. They all have such a unique personality, they are super social beings so whenever I’m sitting outside, they are always by my side and it just brings me so much joy. I could watch them for hours! They are actually quite friendly when you spend lots of time with them and they love a cuddle or a scratch, they are wonderful companions. Plus I still get excited when I see their wonderful eggs every day! 


Do you have a favourite chicken and why?

Yes, I mean I love them all but my Polish Chicken 'Valentine' is probably my favourite as she has the most personality. She follows me everywhere and she always talks to me too, it’s quite sweet. She loves a cuddle and loves perching on my shoulder as I potter around the house. Plus she is absolutely beautiful and has love hearts on her feathers.


How long did it take you to master the art of crochet?

I went to crochet lessons every week at Studio Yarn Cooran for at least 4 months to learn everything as I quickly became obsessed! Julia taught me all the stitches, tricks and how to read patterns so that I could make anything I wanted. I then joined her weekly crochet group (that I never miss because it’s my medicine) where I’m always learning more and feeling inspired by others. It’s taken 2 years to get to where I am with my skill level! My favourite thing to crochet is baby clothes for sure. 


We adore your headscarfs! How long does it take you to crochet one headscarf?

Thank you! They are sweet aren’t they. It takes me about 3 hours to crochet one headscarf! 

For anyone interested in crocheting their own head scarf, the headscarf is a great piece to start with. You can find Taylar’s pattern here.


What’s your favourite book and why?

My favourite book is hands down Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kemerier. This book I believe every person needs to read, it’s a beautiful book that simply connects you with our relationship to plants and the living world. It inspires you to think differently about the world and appreciate this beautiful Earth. 

What do you like about Rugs for Good?

I love that rugs for good actually live by their name. To have the profits go to helping children and communities in India is amazing! I love that the rugs are handmade and so many are made with natural fibres so they are actually safe for my babies, no microplastics! My new rug feels like good quality and I know it’s a piece I’ll have in my home for a very long time! 


What's rugs next on your Rugs for Good wish list? 

My next favourites are:
1. Avoca Jute runner rug 
2. Byron jute oval rug


Thank you for sharing with us Taylar! 

You can continue to follow Taylar-Jane's journey on Instagram at @wife.onthe.prairie for all things crochet, chickens, family and finding the beauty in everyday life. 


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